Car Batteries

If you need a new battery for any automotive or marine application, your local Battery Town branch is the place to go! We have all the batteries and information you need to suit your application.

Batteries have changed a lot in the last five years, and are set to change even more in the next five years. We keep up to date with the latest requirement for your car. The introduction of start-stop systems in vehicles is putting a lot of strain on batteries and requires a more powerful battery. We can supply the right battery for your car. A lot of newer vehicles also need more powerful batteries and even need to be registered to your vehicles electrical system. We can also do this for you.

Endurant Battery

New Battery for your vehicle – Prices start from $150.

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If you are having starting problems, it could be caused by a flat battery but there could also be further issues that caused the battery to go flat. We can test the battery, but we will also check the starter and alternator charge rate for you for free.
Come and see us for all your battery needs.