As cars become more and more computerised, automotive workshops need to have the latest and best tools to diagnose vehicle faults correctly. We have a range of scan tools to cover every make and model on our roads. We also have the best tool for european vehicle diagnostics, the Autologic. If there is a check light on your dashboard there is most likely a fault in that particular system.
For as little as $60, we are able to communicate with most systems, including ABS and Traction Control, SRS (airbags), Engine, Transmission, BCM (body control module), Lighting control and many more. We do this by plugging a diagnostic machine into your vehicle and extracting codes from the control unit in question.

If there is a light on your dashboard that you are not sure about, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Diagnosing a fault isn’t always as easy as plugging in a tool and reading out fault codes. We will go through and test the parts in question so you know you have a correct diagnosis every time.

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Diagnosis Check

ABS, Traction Control, SRS Airbags, Engine, Transmission, Lighting control etc.